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The Highly Popular Science Class for Kids from Preschoolers | Kindergartens to Primary 3 is here in Singapore

The BEST Science Program for Young children Age 4 to 9!

Direct from USA - High Touch High Tech is the Best Children Science Educator in the USA now here to engage the creativity and intellect of kids in Singapore through Science Made FUN!

When your kid join our highly popular weekly science program (1 hour each week).

We engage both their left and right brain simultaneously through our highly interactive and engaging science programs. Our curriculum is recognised worldwide as the standard for early science for kids. 

In fact, they will even be learning advance science knowledge that is taught in our Singapore's MOE primary 6 standard. But the difference is that, we break them down seemingly difficult concepts into FUN and Interactive Science for kids to absorb easily. Our Kids just LOVE SCIENCE at High Touch High Tech!

In every lesson, we'll conduct fun and engaging hands-on experiments for the kids so that they'll get INVOLVED and actually see, hear, feel and experience the science behind it.

They no longer just know the theory behind the science modules BUT they actually EXPERIENCE it. Just like Albert Einstein. 

In our class, our kids become actual young scientists!

They will put on their lab coats and conduct experiments just like a PROFESSIONAL. We will throw them a problem, and ask them to solve it in as many ways as they can think of. This invokes their creativity and problem solving skills along the way!

Science Programs for Kids


Motivate children to investigate the natural wonders of science!

Check out our Highly Popular Weekly Science Program for Kids!

The BEST Weekly Science Program | Enrichment for Kids age 4 - 9

For full information on centre location, timings and registration enquiry, do go to Young Leaders School (Our Exclusive Master Science Provider in Singapore):

Young Leaders School <--- Click Here

Science Programs for Kids


Discover the power of observation as students journey through experimentation!

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